Summer 2016

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The Book that Inspired CAEPLA

How a landowners' movement began

Piping up for Technology

Innovative safety improvements at Enbridge

Building Legislation Together

CEPA's role in the creation of Bill C-46

New Green Technology

A young Albertan's "mushrooming" invention

     Magic Mushrooms

Pipelines and Liberty

Energy transport and property rights

All Canadians Are Pipeline Owners

An energy transport sector built on safety

Solving the CO2 Problem

Why prairie farmers are already the solution

Badly Drawn & Ostensibly Arbitrary

The history of expropriation in Canada

Expropriation in Manitoba

What every landowner should know

Is Expropriation Necessary?

Exploring better ways to get pipelines built

Eminent Domain & Powerlines

Succeeding without expropriation

Quebecers say “Oui” to Pipelines

Energy East is winning over La Belle Province

Undue Influence on Canadian Energy

How ENGOs are working against Canada

Aging Pipelines: What Are the Risks?

Research from Enbridge and CAEPLA

Energy & Invasive Species

How pipeline landowners can protect biosecurity

Safety from Cooperation

CAEPLA's commitment to the environment


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