Dave Core is the founder of CAEPLA.  He grew up on a farm with pipelines.  That, and his early experience helping other pipeline landowners resist expropriation turned Dave into a student and promoter of property rights.  Dave has worked in politics, as a poultry farmer, and owned a trucking business.  Today he is CAEPLA's Director of Special Projects, and principal at Dave Core & Associates, a consulting firm focused on helping landowners of all kinds solve problems with government, regulators, and corporations. 


Pt. 2 Should Aggression Against Property be Seen as Violence?

It is always worthwhile to reassess your fundamental values.

How do I feel about the way government and industry have related to farmers, ranchers and other pipeline landowners?

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Pt. 1 Reflecting on 25 Years of Fighting Expropriation

I want to begin by saying I am pro development, support the need for pipelines and the oil and gas industry but I do not support the use of or threat of expropriation.

After many years of helping landowners work together to counter a government-sponsored entitlements called Expropriation (in US: Eminent Domain, Condemnation) and Right of Entry when dealing with pipeline and power corridor companies, I have decided to reflect and see if perhaps if I can view expropriation in a different light than when I first started thinking about it seriously 25 years ago.

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TMX Crown Corporation Trampling Property Rights

Government bailouts and bullying are no way to run pipelines.

“I see nothing but trouble ahead for both TMX and Keystone XL as a direct result of government meddling”

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When a Project Like TMX Becomes Political, Local Property Rights Are Ignored

This is exactly what has happened with the TMX pipeline.

It is amazing how quickly Kinder Morgan employees and pipeline industry people have become bureaucrats fully ignoring the property rights of landowners and of the communities they operate around.

No sooner had the Trans Mountain expansion project become an Ottawa Crown corporation than the disrespect began.

TMX is a fully politicized project.  But even though all politics are local, the wishes of the locals are being sacrificed for the federal and provincial political agendas.

And tragically, when it comes to respecting property rights, all the political parties are Liberals now — all appear to be hiding behind Bill C69.

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TMX and the High Cost of Bullying

New Crown ownership and a new regulator result in the same old problems for landowners and local communities…

Earlier this year writing about the Trans Mountain Expansion project, (TMX), I suggested government bailouts and bullying are no way to get pipelines built.

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TMX: Lowering the Bar on Landowner Abuse

What do you expect when owner, operator and regulator are one and the same?

As I pointed out earlier the number of Detailed Route Hearings, applied for by landowners on the Trans Mountain Expansion project are an early and clear indicator of a corporate — in this case, a Crown — bully that disrespects landowners and their individual property.

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Is the Canadian Energy Regulator Just An Agent of Government?

CER has become indistinguishable from the federal government and its TMX Crown corporation…

Something unusual is happening on the Trans Mountain expansion project (TMX).

CAEPLA has not only been getting calls from bullied and disaffected landowners, but also from residents of communities along the line fed up by the Crown corporation not living up to its commitments when it comes to traffic, hours of work and issues surrounding the hosting of work camps.

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