“I would highly recommend CAEPLA to anyone who has property along a pipeline or energy corridor.

"CAEPLA is a pro-energy-development organization, as long as the property rights of individual landowners are respected and compensated for accordingly as partners in these projects.

"As a result of joining CAEPLA we were successful in achieving a precedent-setting agreement with Enbridge, both from a monetary and issues point of view.

"Success is achieved with strong membership numbers, good negotiating skills and good legal counsel. Unless you have had personal involvement in these dealings, it is difficult to comprehend the time, money and expertise required in dealing with these large energy companies. Joining CAEPLA saved us many hours of time and provided a sense of security.

"CAEPLA’s involvement is ongoing and is not confined to negotiations alone. As time goes on, we in agriculture want to be good stewards of the land and are relying more and more on various organizations and professionals. Professionals like CAEPLA, who are providing an important service in a very big and complex industry.

"CAEPLA, thanks for what you have helped accomplish to date and your continued efforts.”

— Don Bates, Windthorst, SK


“One of the things CAEPLA taught us is there is strength in numbers.  An individual landowner doesn’t have much power over a huge energy company or a government regulator. Membership in CAEPLA is definitely worth every penny – I can relax and leave negotiations and dealings up to them.  Thank you all. Together we win.”

— Linda Mann, Dinsmore, SK


“In 2010, we heard whisper of a proposed pipeline project across our ranch. We discovered that our property rights effectively no longer existed. Government regulators have the power to give our private property over to private corporations.

"We as landowners have been completely sold out by our own government. Because of all the corrupt regulations and legislation we were seen and treated as an obstacle to the pipeline project rather than as a partner in it.

"The entire negotiation process was trying. I can’t imagine having gone through it without support and guidance from CAEPLA. They understand the legislation and are constantly working to get it changed for the better. They are knowledgeable, professional and hardworking. CAEPLA is the only organization I would trust to advise us on energy projects.”

— Stephanie Fradette, Alma, SK


“By working together our landowners group was able to create a groundswell of knowledge and information-sharing that industry and regulators simply couldn’t ignore.

"The idea that no segment of society should unfairly bear the burden of utility infrastructure will only be heard when landowners stand in unison in defense of our property rights.  CAEPLA helped us do that. They can help you, too.”

— Wade Watson, Medicine Hat, AB


Case Study: A win-win agreement

The following testimony is from Doug, a landowner living alongside a pipeline project. I recently asked Doug to share his experience:

"My grandparents owned the land when the first pipeline came through. The land was sold to my aunt and uncle, and later, my parents and I purchased it.

We didn’t have any trouble with the pipe. It was out of sight, out of mind. It wasn’t until a couple years ago that we had the first maintenance dig. The land agents told us what needed to be done and what they could pay us. We didn’t have any experience with this so we accepted what they told us.

They did a nice job, I can’t complain, but I really should have been asking more questions. There were issues, like tree removal, that should have been addressed as well as the costs of rehabilitating the soil.

But I wasn’t knowledgeable about any of this.

When I found out we were getting another pipeline, I signed to allow access for archaeological surveys. They offered me money to allow them access to my land and I didn’t understand what they were going to do or how it might affect my property. I didn’t think it was a big deal.

I have learned since that we should have a Settlement Agreement with terms of what they are going to do on our land before we agree to let them on.

When I first heard of a group of landowners working together I didn’t think anything could be done as I had already signed the Access Agreement for surveying and was aware that the company could expropriate.

I did go to an information meeting and was overwhelmed by what I learned. I realized how little I knew about what should go into an agreement on a pipeline project.

I’m a pro-gas person like my neighbours, and I learned what could be accomplished by working with your neighbours and CAEPLA to negotiate an agreement that will protect my property. As it became clear to me, I told them they could count me in 110 per cent.

And I would sign up again on the spot. My experience with working with CAEPLA has been priceless. I have gone from zero to 100 in what I have learned about what should be in an agreement with a pipeline company.

You know, finding out you’re getting a pipeline can be stressful. Working with CAEPLA removed that stress. It was the best investment I could have made. I would recommend CAEPLA to anyone. Actually, I told many of my neighbours about CAEPLA and they joined as well and I have received many thanks for calling them to invite them to join the group.

It was reassuring knowing that CAEPLA was taking care of the negotiation details, and it has removed the anxiety knowing that the business agreement CAEPLA helped us negotiate protects my property."

Do you have a story about you experiences with CAEPLA or energy transport companies you would like to share? We’d love to hear from you. Contact us at [email protected] or by calling 306-522-5000.

Get the peace of mind you deserve.  Join the thousands of landowners who recommend CAEPLA and have discovered the strength in numbers and sense of security you get when working with Canada’s leading grassroots property rights organization.  Benefit from CAEPLA’s experience, professional guidance and support at the bargaining table. 


“My family has a number of pipelines crossing its land in Ontario, and I own farmland in Saskatchewan.  Because I am a farmer at heart, my first thoughts are always with you, the landowner, concerned about family and business.

“You have the right to the use and enjoyment of your family’s property, to freedom of association and the right to enter into voluntary business agreements that work for you. These are the principles CAEPLA was founded upon.

“As the founding president and current CEO of CAEPLA, I and our Board of Directors remain committed to those founding principles and look forward to working with you and advocating on behalf of you and all landowners.”

— Dave Core, Director of Special Projects for CAEPLA



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