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CAEPLA is here for you, the landowner. We are pro energy development but, like you, believe protection of family, business, and land values comes first. Our team of advocates and negotiators has nearly three decades’ experience fighting on your behalf. 

CAEPLA counts on you and our loyal landowner readership to make publishing unique information and perspectives possible.

Will you continue to help us stay independent? Will you support us delivering all the news and views pipeline landowners and the public need to properly understand property rights in this important period in history?

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The Challenge

The Canadian Association of Energy and Pipeline Landowner Associations, or CAEPLA, was founded in 2000 to advocate for farmers, ranchers and other rural landowners around the process of negotiating easements and rights-of-way with energy companies. One of CAEPLA’s prime goals is to explain the rationale behind its position on property rights, both to strengthen the knowledge and resolve of its members and to bring the general public onside.

The Solution

Pipeline Observer is a 44-page glossy magazine that captures the feel of the rural landscape and the energy industry simultaneously.

The Results

The magazine serves as compelling physical evidence that CAEPLA is a key player in any discussion or negotiation involving property rights, expropriation, the energy industry and government.