Spring 2017

edition - Spring 2017

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A Life-Changing Relationship

CAEPLA links landowners and companies

There’s an App For That

Technology can help control land access

Stimulating the Economy

Pipelines are more effective than public spending

Horizontal Directional Drilling

What landowners need to know

A Different Kind of Green

Restoring private land pays dividends

Security Against Sabotage

The laws are adequate, but must be enforced

Pipeline Protest

Tamperers pose a serious safety threat

Expropriation: A Price on Your Property

Six articles that put ‘fair market value’ on trial

Fair Market Value: The Myth

Is theft okay if the perpetrator promises to pay?

Fair Market Value: The Illusion

A willing seller is a necessary part of a fair deal

Fair Market Value: The Problem

Sometimes it’s literally an offer you can’t refuse

Eminent Domain Land Grab

It’s the real reason to oppose Dakota Access

Landowners Left in the Cold Again

Eminent domain casts shadow on Virginia project

Don’t ‘Modernize’ the NEB

Get government out of land acquisition instead

‘Priceless’ Resource

Arizona water program pays farmers to conserve

Caught in the Crossfire

Landowners between pipelines and activists



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