Another War on Farmers Headline Only CAEPLA Will Share with You

Irish farmers warn of an uprising if Government continues with “vicious” measures to meet net-zero targets | The Expose

Ireland, support your farmers.

If you don’t, a handful of corporations will be dictating what you eat and their desire is your diet consists of unnatural and unhealthy synthetic foods and insects.

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Will the CER Make Pipeline Landowners the First Casualties in the War on Fertilizer?

By now you have probably seen the news stories about the uprising by Dutch farmers angry at the Netherlands government policy to cut nitrogen emissions 50% by 2030.

But have you also heard Ottawa plans to wage its own War on Fertilizer?

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A New Federal Threat to Property Rights

Here is a grassroots take on the subject:


Federal War on Fertilizer Comes to Prairie Farms

We told you earlier this year about Ottawa's coming War on Fertilizer and how pipeline landowners are uniquely vulnerable because of the federal government's control of the easement on your land.

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Yes, Ottawa Really Is Planning to Transform Your Farm

Ottawa's push to reduce nitrogen emissions over the next several years is part of what CAEPLA calls a War on Fertilizer — and by extension a War on Farmers.

But only part.

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What is 30 x 30?

Known as ‘Target 1’ in Canada, it’s the latest green global land grab landowners need to prepare for.

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Expropriation Now a Weapon in the War on Fertilizer

Dutch farmers remain on the front line of the War on Nitrogen.

The Netherlands government will force taxpayers in that country to finance the nationalization of farmland.

And farmers refusing the government's financial offer will be expropriated.

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Dutch Government Land Grab Bigger Than Previously Thought

You won't find many countries more like Canada than the Netherlands.

Socially, culturally, economically and...politically.

And Dutch politics have taken a very dark Green turn lately.

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