You won't find many countries more like Canada than the Netherlands

Socially, culturally, economically and...politically.

And Dutch politics have taken a very dark Green turn lately.

As CAEPLA has reported to you recently the Netherlands government has embraced the United Nations' "2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development."

As has Canada, where it is known as "Target 1," calling for 25 per cent of land to be "protected" by 2025.

Part of this green land grab involves taking thousands of farms out of production in order to reduce fertilizer, and thereby, nitrogen use, which environmentalists now claim is causing climate change.

At first it looked like "only" 3,000 farms would be sacrificed in the Netherlands.

Now the number appears to be well over 11,000.

CAEPLA's fear is that as the Netherlands go, so goes Canada, too.

Our concern is based on Canada's expropriation regime which has seen farmland taken by government on behalf of the energy transport industry.

CAEPLA has previously explained how the easement on pipeline landowners' property has provided access to First Nations activists.

We believe this same access is the thin edge of the wedge, or the camel's toe in the tent, if you will, for Ottawa's War on Fertilizer.

This latest threat to farmers and ranchers is fundamentally a property rights issue that should concern all landowners, not only pipeline landowners who already understand the government's power of expropriation.

Please share this as widely as possible among your family, friends and neighbours.


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Netherlands Land Grab: State now threatens to seize 3,000 farms

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