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The Canadian Association of Energy and Pipeline Landowner Associations (CAEPLA) is Canada’s leading national grassroots property rights organization.

Landowner-driven, CAEPLA advocates on behalf of farmers, ranchers, and other rural landowners to promote safety and environmental protection through respect for your property rights. We also represent directly affected landowner groups in negotiations for mutually beneficial business agreements with pipeline and power line companies.

CAEPLA is here for you, the landowner. We are pro development but, like you, believe protection of family, business, and land values comes first. Our team of advocates and negotiators has nearly three decades’ experience fighting on your behalf.

After decades of abuse by pro pipeline government regulators, CAEPLA believes the time has come to return to the traditional values of property rights and the free market. We feel these are the best mechanisms to secure economic justice and environmental protection for rural landowners and all Canadians in a changing global economy.

Therefore, CAEPLA believes it is time to repeal Right of Way expropriation (Right of Entry) privileges for pipeline and power line companies and replace it with voluntary business agreements founded on property rights and bound by contract law.

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For more on what CAEPLA can do for you, please read Partnering With An Energy Transport Company.

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