CAEPLA Called It: Federal Agents Caught Trespassing on Saskatchewan Farmland


We told you earlier this year about Ottawa's coming War on Fertilizer and how pipeline landowners are uniquely vulnerable because of the federal government's control of the easement on your land.

CAEPLA believes that the Canadian Energy Regulator (CER), already a promotional and enforcement agent of Ottawa's policies — such as Reconciliation and Climate Change — will use its presence on your property as a backdoor for their prosecution of the War on Fertilizer.

No sooner had we warned about this than federal agents were caught trespassing countless times on Saskatchewan farms.

CAEPLA believes it is now only a matter of time before the CER facilitates testing of your soil and water in search of nitrates.

For now, we ask that you be vigilant and contact us with any violations you become aware of, and we will get word out immediately across the CAEPLA landowner network.

"While the Liberal agriculture minister blames misinformation for the combative sentiment against the fertilizer reduction scheme, President of the Western Canadian Wheat Growers Gunter Jochum says the policy may spark Canadian protests similar to the Netherlands protests."

CAEPLA will put the CER on notice that landowners will not tolerate abuse of their easement agreements for the purposes of promoting political agendas. 


Saskatchewan MLA accuses feds of performing illegal tests on private farmland

Saskatchewan Party MLA Jeremy Cockrill has published a letter accusing federal employees of trespassing onto the private property of Saskatchewan farmers to test pesticide levels. 




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