CAEPLA’s Commitment

Respect for property rights


Consultation Nation

Stakeholders sidelined by regulatory regime


Streamlining Damage Prevention

Standardized regulations make pipelines safer


Expropriation Unlimited

Taking on the expropriation leviathan


Do We Still Need the NEB?

Federal regulator lacks public trust


Business As Usual

New Manitoba government supports Bipole III  


A One-of-a-kind Inline Inspection Tool

Ultrasonic “smart pig” a safety innovation


Preventing Pipeline Corrosion

How operators employ inspection technology


First Nations and Property Rights

Landownership from a historical perspective


More Economics, Less Politics

Property rights and industry paralysis


Protecting the Environment Together

Sound science and respect for property rights


Walking a Fine Line on Safety

How government ruins safety culture


More Questions About Bipole III

Why have Manitoba’s PCs embraced boondoggle


Betrayed by PCs

Farmers react to bullying by Manitoba Hydro


What is Social Licence?

Examining an abused term


Alberta Tax Dollars Boost U.S. Energy

Meanwhile, politics paralyzes Canadian pipelines


Working Together

How pipeline landowners can work with companies