Preventing Pipeline Corrosion

Posted on February 13, 2019

Transmission pipelines cover 119,000 kilometers of Canada, going through different types of terrains (farmland, rivers, wetlands, mountains and urban areas). A pipeline operator’s job is to safely deliver the oil and gas products that Canadians rely on, and that means that pipelines need to be properly protected from potential threats like corrosion.

MYTH VS. FACT Pipeline corrosion

Myth: All pipelines corrode.

FACT: With proper maintenance and monitoring, a pipeline can be safely operated for many decades.

Myth: diluted bitumen causes pipeline corrosion.

FACT: Diluted bitumen doesn’t have characteristics that cause more corrosion – it’s virtually the same as conventional crude oil.


Myth: Retired pipelines are left to rust.

FACT: Retired transmission pipelines are subject to specific regulatory requirements to make sure they remain safe.