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"With your help, CAEPLA can continue to be your government and industry watchdog and your Property Rights Pitbull

"We can’t do it without your support and the backing of hundreds of pipeline landowners just like you across the country.

"Meanwhile, CAEPLA is encountering inflation challenges of our own.  The cost of literally everything is going up, as you know.

"Which is why we have reluctantly, for the first time in the history of our organization, decided to increase the price of a membership...

"From $150 to $199 - still "only" about the cost of filling up the tank in your truck.

"As thanks for your understanding, we'd like to do a couple of things...

"First, we'd like to sell you this year's membership for last year's price of $150, with the increase kicking in next year.

"Second, to introduce our new line of branded merchandise, for every additional donation of $199, we will be happy to gift you with two coffee mug & coaster sets, emblazoned with CAEPLA's "Property Rights are Human Rights" slogan, shipping included!

"It has never been more important to the pipeline landowners’ movement to get CAEPLA’s safety, environment and property rights message out to the world.

"I hope you can see fit to help us continue with our quest in these interesting times."

Yours for Property Rights and prosperity,

Annette Schinborn


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