Keystone XL Rises From the Dead

TransCanada gets a do-over


Are We At Peak Regulation?

NEB, activists neuter Canada’s energy industry


Rethinking Aboriginal History

Indigenous North Americans and private property


Industry and Indigenous Priorities

Not all Aboriginal communities oppose development


Indigenous Canadians Need Property Rights

The future of energy transport depends on it


The Global Warming Deception

New book eyes motivations behind climate claims


Keystone XL vs. Anti-Carbon Hysteria

Environmentalists prefer dangerous alternatives


Safer and More Efficient

Detection tech pre-empts pipeline problems


How Can Pipeline Companies Protect Property Values?

That’s easy: Pay rent.


A Matter Of Trust

Changing land management as we know it


Want Peace With Pipelines?

Stop expropriation and end eminent domain


The Moral Case For Energy Development

Time to act in favour of human wellbeing


Regulatory Regime

Change Is Due Property rights before climate policy


A Tale Of Two Energy Companies

Rancher credits CAEPLA for helping build good relations with Enbridge


Innovative Mat Technology

Project reflects landowner priorities


Much-Needed Lifeblood

Line 3 replacement pumps investment into Prairies


Building a Damage-Prevention Process

Landowners can voice support for safety rules


Ready To Respond

Operators are emergency-management experts


Pipeline Giant Changes Course

Enbridge embraces grassroots at workshop series