A New Era in Pipeline History

What nationalization of TMX means for landowners


"Digging" the Maintenance Dig

Why an integrity dig is worth the effort


The Great Trans Mountain Giveaway

Who benefits and who doesn't


“Gently Used Pipe” Bad News for Landowners

How the Trans Mountain tragedy could be improved


No Way to Get Pipelines Built

When it comes to TMX, Ottawa should be hands-off


CAEPLA Commitment

CAEPLA and Enbridge work together to benefit all


Open Season on Ranchers

Unethical hunting is a safety issue


CAEPLA, Construction Monitors and You

The future of land management is here


Conservative Confusion About Property Rights

Rapid response is critical during a pipeline emergency


The Law of the Landowners

Lawyer Paul Vogel reflects on three decades of work


Cows Save the Planet

How grazing animals can help build soil


A Solution to Pipeline Paralysis

Why respecting property rights is key


Quality Agreements

Trans Mountain landowners can rely on CAEPLA


The Fungus Beneath Your Feet

Discovering the fabulous fungus on your land


A Practical Proposal

The PPC's Maxine Bernier should abolish the NEB


Preparation is Key

In a pipeline emergency, rapid response is critical


Going to the Mat for Safety and Environment

Embracing best practices


CAEPLA Insights on L3RP

Enbridge’s L3RP has CAEPLA’s stamp of approval