CAEPLA CEO Annette Schinborn and Director of Special Projects Dave Core participated in Enbridge’s Line 3 Replacement Program informational tour, where Dave “got the last word” at a major media event.

Please read Dave’s comments below, where he explains why CAEPLA pushed for L3RP and why it has such broad support among landowners and energy corridor residents.


Good Afternoon Everyone

There is a reason the Line 3 Replacement Program, or “L3RP,” is SO far, and BY far, the most important and successful pipeline project in Canada.

I want to thank Al Monaco and his team at Enbridge for the opportunity to be here today on this Right of Way tour.  It was Al’s foresight and the vision of key members of his team along with buy-in across the company that has made this innovative project a reality.

We are here today in the heartland, in energy corridor country, where families live and work with pipe on their property “24/7, 365.”

This is meaningful because it is the people who have skin in the game,’ who care most about the things L3RP represents: and those are safety and environmental stewardship.

If you are an energy corridor resident, Line 3 Replacement is about peace of mind….The peace of mind that comes when pipeline landowners partner with industry to produce the safest, most environmentally friendly project we have ever seen. 

L3RP has CAEPLA’s stamp of approval because Enbridge embraced input from the Directly Affected families who live with Line 3 as a reality in the ground.

And CAEPLA will be there on the ground, with our wholly independent Construction Monitors who are there to prevent problems before they happen and answer directly to landowner committees.

When you listen to the Directly Affected, including many of our Indigenous fellow pipeline landowners, you are going to get results all Canadians can have confidence in.

L3RP is of course the marquee project of Enbridge.  But we at the Canadian Association of Energy and Pipeline Landowner Associations like to take some credit, too. 

Because the standards established for L3RP are something we in the pipeline landowner movement have been working toward for more than half a century, and something CAEPLA has been advocating for 25 years.

Construction of this pipeline marks the first time in history a major North American pipeline project has rolled out in full accordance with landowner values and priorities built into the blueprint.

L3RP will be the first pipeline practically “built to spec” for landowners.

Our members’ support for L3RP was overwhelming, which is why CAEPLA last year urged Natural Resources Canada to expedite approval.

Which means Canadians can put a lot of faith in this project.

So much of the scaremongering around pipelines in media and politics is allegedly based on safety and environmental concerns.

Directly affected pipeline landowners across the Prairies can vouch that those concerns have been addressed, and then some.

This project has something for everybody. 

If you care about the Canadian economy, this replacement means more of our energy will reach the market.

If you care about an injection of money into the Prairie economy from well paid construction jobs, L3RP does that too.

If you are a Prairie farmer, you can get your grain shipped because bitumen will not be creating rail car backlogs.

If the integrity of soil and water along the Energy Corridor is your concern, the tightened safety standards and cutting edge technology of L3RP goes a long way to addressing that worry.

And finally, if you care about the carbon footprint of our energy sector, the high-tech efficiency of this pipe will mean lower carbon emissions.

No pipeline is perfect.  But L3RP sets a new standard for energy transport projects that Canadians can have confidence and take comfort in for decades to come.



Pipeline Observer


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