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Abandonment Issues

Pipelines are aging—some faster than others

America Takes Aim at Pipeline Permits

Trump administration focuses on outcomes

Independent Construction Monitors

An evolution in land management


Social licence—what is it, and who grants it?

Stop Defending Pipelines

Instead, ignore the few who long for the Dark Ages

Pipeline Decommissioning

Inching closer to the respect of property

Who Ya Gonna Call?

Surface Rights Act a giveaway to mineral owners

Biosecurity Done Right

Alberta company treats your land like its own

Property Rights Trump Green Politics

Oil and wildlife never mix—or do they?

The Safe Community Program

Small towns win with Enbridge investment

Power Corrupts Manitoba PCs

MLA pledged to protect property rights

Soil Health After Pipeline Disturbance

You can rehab land value and productivity

The NEB and the Duty to Consult

Are landowners ignored in favour of a veto for First Nations leaders?

NEB and Traditional Aboriginal Knowledge

Culture and spirituality pre-empt property rights

Canadian Pipelines Deliver Safety

CEPA’s Integrity First helps ensure zero significant incidents

Why Does CAEPLA Like L3RP?

Because the project reflects landowner priorities

Often Imitated, Never Duplicated

Construction monitors look out for landowners


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