Fight for Property Rights  

It’s been a David vs. Goliath Struggle


Just Say No

Reasons to object to additional archaeological investigations


A Federal Windfall for Orphan Wells

But what about landowners with orphan pipelines?


The Nimble Market Response to Oil Storage Fears

The government has licensed bad corporate behaviour


Recon$iliation Nation  

A stealth assault on your property rights


Are Holdouts Really a Problem?

Landowners have a right to gain economically


Tackling Waste Gas from a Free Market Perspective

Exploring a viable alternative to flaring


* SPECIAL FEATURE * Another Quiet Revolution?

A closer look at the Canadian Government’s hidden plan to open your property up to First Nations occupation


Pipeline Construction Monitor Update  

Keeping an eye on contractors, saving soil and more


The Art and Science of Reclamation

The Line 3 Replacement corridor will be better than it was before


Alberta Taxpayers are the Owners of Another Pipeline

The Kenney government takes a page from Trudeau’s playbook


Gun Rights are Property Rights

The Government of Canada continues to erode our ability to protect our property


A Pioneer Passes  

Stu O’Neil was a leader in the fight for property rights


How I Discovered Property Rights

Sharing CAEPLA’s message across the country