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Asked to allow archaeologists and local First Nations onto your land? Just say NO.

Posted on September 23, 2020


By the CAEPLA Editorial Board

Things to consider

➤ Your land was expropriated, or you signed an easement agreement — either way, the pipeline company took all the rights it needed for its project.

➤ Why then are companies now asking for your permission to let additional archaeologists and Indigenous community representatives onto your land?

➤ Why would the companies be making the request and not the archaeologists and others themselves? 

➤ Didn’t the company already complete any archaeological investigation that was required under government regulation?

➤ What are the archaeologists and others going to do on your land?

➤ What happens if they find something?

➤ What are the consequences for your property, its use and its value?

➤ What happens if they "plant" something on your land? 

➤ What’s the real agenda?

There are way too many unanswered questions.

Just say thanks, but no thanks.