Indigenous Cultural Monitors

The IAMC and how CAEPLA is protecting your rights


Poverty or Pipelines?

The NCC's Dale Swampy weighs in


Fungi Feed on Oil

How mushrooms can help clean polluted soil


Real Reconciliation

MLA Ellis Ross reflects on reconciliation


Running the Numbers

How data and technology aid landowners


Pipeline Politics

Getting Bill C-69 right is the key to our future


No Defense Against Expropriation

Canadian landowners are really just tenants


How to Help Indigenous Communities

Exploring Indigenous property rights


Kevin Avram, Unsung Hero

An unsung hero of Canada's free market movement


A Window Into Pipeline Operation

Enbridge's pipeline model is an interactive affair


Small-Town Land Swindle

How one Manitoba couple was stripped of their land


Carry the Kettle

Indigenous claims and private property


No More Divide and Conquer

Landowners and pro-energy Indigenous join forces


Ending Indigenous Activist Veto

True property rights benefit all Canadians


Back by Popular Demand

CAEPLA's Workshop Series connects landowners