Who Can You Trust?

CAEPLA can protect TMX landowners


Independent Construction Monitors

Your eyes, ears and boots on the ground


Pipeline Dialogue

CEPA engages with a broad group of stakeholders


Agricultural Capability on Rights-of-Way

CAEPLA studies soil quality and gauges risks


Trans Mountain Approved. Again.

So far, there’s little to show for a nationalized pipeline


The Line 3 Reclamation Project

Reclamation along Enbridge’s replacement pipeline


Practising the Law of the Land

Lawyer John Goudy works on behalf of landowners


Andrew Scheer's Energy Corridor

How this $100 billion plan will violate property rights


Are Property Rights a Women's Issue?

Advancing the pipeline landowner movement


Federal Regulations Pre-Empt Property Rights

Regulating regimes protect industry from landowners


The Latest Threat From Manitoba Hydro

Transmission line carries risks to corridor residents


Can Arrowheads Kill Property Rights?

The challenges of the emerging heritage site strategy


Indigenous Ownership of Trans Mountain

What would it look like?


TMX and the Constitutional Mutiny

An interview with David Yager


The Knowledge Problem

Why government pipeline schemes are destined to fail