Property Rights are Human Rights

Personal responsibility is the best way to protect human and economic health 


Inflation 101

Money can be printed, but land is a precious commodity


Private Property: Inherent Right or Gift from Government?

Farmland is a real asset and offers stability during the pandemic spending spree


Ottawa’s Money Printing Will Boost Land and Crop Prices

How does inflation impact production costs and risk to the landowner?


The Sword of Damocles Hangs over Every Property Owner

A businessman’s property is his in name only, granted to him by the state


Prairie Pipeline Preparedness Exercise Far from Routine

Enbridge met with positive community reaction for its emergency response test


More Pipelines = More Economic Security

Cyberattacks on energy infrastructure a result of the government pipeline war


Plugged into Pipeline Exclusion Zones

Pipeline plug-in rewrites agreements between operators and landowners


Line 3 Replacement Project Proceeds

Decommissioning of Enbridge’s old line begins in Manitoba


Warning: Read Before Signing

What landowners need to know before signing a company's offer


Are Property Rights Too Impractical During a Pandemic?

During the pandemic, government has trampled all over property rights


Sacred Bones

Government policies on Indigenous rights impact property owners


Victory for Canada’s Largest Ranch a Win for Landowners

B.C. court rules on landowners’ right to deny trespassers access to agricultural land


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