April 2022


The Movie That Puts Pipeline Landowners at Risk

A little over a year ago, CAEPLA ran Dave Core's book review of "How to Blow Up a Pipeline" on the cover of our Pipeline Observer magazine.

Fast forward to today.

The idea has gone mainstream and is becoming a pillar of pop culture.

This is a very bad omen for society and the economy in general and worse for pipeline landowners in particular.

Dave had noticed positive reviews in corporate and social media and became alarmed.

Because for a decade CAEPLA had been warning about the increasing politicization of pipelines.

And we were almost alone in reporting on acts of sabotage at pipeline company infrastructure.

Our concern was that political protests were escalating to acts of vandalism and sabotage.

We worried that such incidents would put pipeline landowners in harm's way and put the public and environment at risk.

CAEPLA also sounded the alarm over the Trudeau Government's imposition of UN policies on Climate, and Indigenous people...and the deputization of the Canadian Energy Regulator (CER) to enforce these policies.

Specifically, we were concerned that anti pipeline First Nations and Green activists would be able to piggyback onto your property with pipeline company employees and their "Indigenous Monitors" during routine work.

It seemed to us this was a serious security risk to pipeline landowners created by the CER.

No sooner had we published Dave's article than all hell broke loose at a Coastal GasLink worksite

Within a week of the Pipeline Observer landing in members' mailboxes, a couple dozen axe wielding activists attacked in the middle of the night.

By the time they were done, they had injured a police officer, destroyed tens of millions of dollars worth of heavy equipment and set the site on fire — including a company vehicle with several employees still inside.

This was the first and worst terrorist attack on energy infrastructure in Canadian history.

The very thing Dave had predicted.

This marked the beginning of a terrorist war against Canada's oil & gas industry and energy transport sector.


CAEPLA's NUMBER ONE CONCERN is for pipeline landowners who will be caught in the crossfire.

And now things have become even more scary.

Hollywood appears to be promoting, romanticizing and normalizing the idea of terror attacks on pipelines.

Which means this is now part of a culture war.

A culture war that could escalate to a civil war...

A civil war between those who support fossil fuels, pipelines and property rights...

...And those who believe in some sort of Green Utopia and will resort to any means to achieve it.

How to Blow Up a Pipelinethe movie, was released in theatres across Canada this month.

So far no news outlet in the country has reported on this.

CAEPLA staff will watch the movie and review it in an upcoming blog post.

For now, you can check out the trailer yourself:

Yours for vigilance,

Annette Schinborn, CEO

P.S... CAEPLA's top priority at this time is the safety of our members and of all pipeline landowners. 

We are living in historically unprecedented times. 

CAEPLA is committed to campaigning hard and lobbying Ottawa for protections and compensation for farmers, ranchers and other energy corridor Canadians for the clear hazards presented by having energy infrastructure on your farm and in your backyard

Stay tuned for details on the upcoming campaign and how you can support it.




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