"It is TransMountain That Tom Could Not Survive"

Post submitted by Tina Laursen, Laidlaw, B.C. landowner for TMX Watch - Hope Laidlaw Facebook Page

When your property rights are not recognized and respected, bad things can happen.

Bad things are happening right now along the TransMountain Expansion (TMX) project corridor in BC.

Landowners and area residents are being bullied and abused by the government gang over at TMX, and ignored by their supposed protector, the Canadian Energy Regulator (CER).

The CER has become the enabler of TMX abuses.

Only a bulletproof landowners agreement could protect people from the chaos we are seeing with TMX.

The need for that protection is why the Canadian Association of Energy and Pipeline Landowner Associations (CAEPLA) was born in the first place.

CAEPLA's participation in Enbridge's Line 3 Replacement Project (L3RP) ensured the landowners' experience was a comparative walk in the park next to what folks are suffering with TMX.

CAEPLA works with landowners to promote your property rights and shield you and your neighbours from the sort of nightmare scenario this frontline landowner is reporting below.



"Wednesday morning at 9am I was going over to give Tom — our neighbors cat — some extra food.

"I found him lying dead on the road in between the road signs for the TransMountain expansion project.

"He was still warm.

"I had just fed him a few days before having greeted me from across the road.

"With his bigger than life personality he made his presence known. Tom was not just a cat. He was an icon and much-loved member of the Laidlaw community. I know of few who did not know or love our special Tom.

"According to his owner, JP, Tom was about 12 years old. He was here when we moved here. He's the father of our beloved Salem. He seems to have outdated many other residents from what I can tell.

"Tom survived floods, snowstorms, wind, and artic outflows. He survived coyotes, racoons, birds of prey, dogs, and even other cats. He survived Laidlaw traffic with its dump trucks, farm equipment, local residents, and occasional others.

"What Tom could not survive was the TransMountain expansion project.

"It is you, TransMountain, that Tom could not survive. (DaKow killed another local resident's family dog on Sunday).

"As long as you can justify everything to the CER who apparently will rubber stamp anything you say it does not matter what actually happens here in Laidlaw, does it TransMountain?

"You have now killed cats and dogs.

"You have caused ruin of land and water.

"You have harmed homes, property, and lives. This is your legacy.

"This, Transmountain, will be how you will be remembered."


Submitted by Tina Laursen, Laidlaw BC landowner for TMX Watch - Hope Laidlaw Facebook Page

(Warning: The link to this social media post contains an image many will find disturbing. Reader discretion is advised.)
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