Attacks on Your Property Rights Turning into a Turkey Shoot

Published in September, 2019


By Dave Core

Whatever your opinion on conventionally farmed poultry versus free run or organic or whatever, this story misses the point. (Full disclosure: I was a turkey producer in another career).

Superficially it is a story about activists promoting animal "rights."

But really it's a story about human rights.  Your property rights.

The real story not being told is how these animal rights radicals trespassed on private property, disrupted the farmers' business operations, and generally terrorized the owners and their employees.

So the animal rights angle is a distraction. The real story is the threat to property rights increasingly posed by extreme left wing activists.

The same thing is happening with anti pipeline, anti energy, climate change activists.

These activists in recent years have taken to trespassing, occupying, and chaining themselves to pipeline company pump stations, putting landowners and area residents at risk.

Are Animal Rights and Anti Pipeline Activists Comparing Notes?

Like their animal rights co-conspirators, anti pipeline activists are working to suppress property rights as a way to impose their anti energy agenda.

Only now the anti pipeline activists have added a new trick, and are getting government assistance to pull it off.

As CAEPLA has warned elsewhere, the new Canadian Energy Regulator (CER) will, like its rogue predecessor the NEB, be inviting First Nations activists onto pipeline landowners' property.

These activists, dubbed "aboriginal monitors," will be looking for arrowheads and other artifacts in the hopes of turning your property into a heritage site.

Once that happens, your property could be locked down in the name of historical and cultural preservation

Most landowners are not opposed to historical or cultural preservation. But they will be painted as such when they object to this latest government backed assault on property rights by left wing extremists.

How long until a government regulator decides to back the animal rights activists' disruption of poultry or hog farms?

Oh wait.  I seem to recall something about various "endangered species" laws doing something similar already. 

Dave Core is CAEPLA’s Director of Special Projects, having served as President and CEO from 2000 to 2018. Dave is the principal at Dave Core and Associates, a firm consulting on land management, agribusiness, and property rights issues.