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A Season of Change for CAEPLA...

Posted on May 02, 2018

As any farmer knows, Spring is a time of renewal.

A time for a fresh start, new projects, and a time of optimism.

Being that CAEPLA is very much in sync with the world of agriculture, it should come as no surprise that this season brings some positive changes for us, too.

In order to enhance our ability to serve landowners better, we are pleased to announce some restructuring here at CAEPLA.

Effective this month, our COO, Annette Schinborn, assumes the role of Chief Executive Officer at CAEPLA.

After much deliberation and discussion, it has been decided that Dave Core will be passing the torch to a new generation of management.

Annette assumes the role of CEO following decades of experience in administration and management with grassroots advocacy groups, most recently of course, as landowner liaison and COO with CAEPLA.

Over the years Annette has worked in every area of CAEPLA's services to landowners and the time was simply right for her to step up to the role of CEO.

But don't worry, Dave is not going anywhere.

While he will be devoting more time to his own business interests, Dave has decided to take a step back from the day-to-day management of CAEPLA in order to focus on special projects and new ways to serve members.

Dave will still be available to landowners and directly involved in negotiations and CAEPLA's growing Ombudsman role across the country.

For more on Annette's and Dave's perspectives on the reorganization, and we hope, new and improved CAEPLA, be sure to read the next issue of the Pipeline Observer, hitting snail mailboxes across North America in July.

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