In the dead of night, February 17th, 2022, twenty masked men wielding axes attacked a Coastal GasLink Pipeline worksite near Houston, British Columbia. 

Nine company employees were forced to flee, but not before the attackers had hacked at their trucks with axes and lit the  vehicles on fire with the workers inside

The vandals then used one of the excavators on site to destroy all the other heavy equipment. 

The attackers proceeded to set the entire site ablaze before disappearing into the forest. 

An RMCP officer responding to the scene was injured by a “man trap” — a  booby trap laid by saboteurs, studded with nails. 

Damages to the site were in the tens of millions of dollars. Fourteen months later, no suspects have been apprehended. 

Had this story received much coverage from the corporate news media, Canadians might well have been shocked. 


Distant Early Warning 

One person who wasn’t shocked or even surprised was CAEPLA’s own Dave Core. 

You see, earlier that same month CAEPLA’s Pipeline Observer was hitting mailboxes throughout energy corridors across the country. 

Our Winter 2022 cover story was Dave’s own “How to Blow Up a Pipeline.” 

In it, Dave warned about a new book with the same title, one that was disturbingly creating positive buzz on social media. 

Read Dave’s book review here

The book is essentially an incitement to terrorism targeting pipelines. 

As you will read, Dave expressed worry for the many thousands of  pipeline landowners and energy corridor citizens potentially put in harm’s way. 

This was not the first time CAEPLA your “property rights Pitbull” and  “government and industry watchdoghas provided you with a “distant early warning” about threats looming on the horizon. 

From CAEPLA’s earliest days our focus has been on the liabilities energy transport companies can impose on farmers, ranchers and other pipeline landowners

Over a decade ago, we began sounding the alarm about the increasing politicization of pipelines in this country. 

We warned that politics combined with a regulatory regime already unfriendly to pipeline landowners like you, would ultimately paralyze the industry. 

CAEPLA called out the regulatory capture that the anti pipeline movement was pursuing. 

Which of course came to pass. 

There was more…

Indigenous Monitors Piggybacking on to Your Land 

We were the first to forecast how the politicization of pipelines and the capture of the National Energy Board now known as the Canadian Energy Regulator (CER) by Green and First Nations activists would leave pipeline landowners more vulnerable than ever before. 

It soon became clear that the CER would be defined by the Trudeau Government’s “Reconciliation” agenda, together with the adoption of the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples (UNDRIP). 

CAEPLA correctly called the coming of “Indigenous Monitors” who today  can access your land by piggybacking with company employees doing routine work on the easements on your property. 

If these Indigenous Monitors find (or “find”) so much as an arrowhead or bone fragment in your soil, your farm or ranch operation can be suspended indefinitely. 

More recently we have raised concerns that easements on your land can be accessed by government agents or green activists testing for nitrogen in your soil as part of the War on Fertilizer that has sparked revolts by farmers in Ireland and the Netherlands over the last year. 

The truth is, pipeline companies and “energy” regulators along with  Green and Indigenous activists, are working together on behalf of Ottawa and the UN to impose their Climate and Indigenization agenda. 

More than ever, pipeline and powerline landowners need to stay informed and guard against these new threats and the unprecedented liability they pose to you, your family and your farm. 

Which is why I am writing to you today. 

CAEPLA’s track record is crystal clear. 

Pipeline Companies Teaming Up With Activists to Target Your Property 

No other organization in this country has kept you aware of the looming threats and liabilities facing pipeline landowners.

No other organization. 

No other organization is even interested in doing so. 

Not the media. 

Not the government, or its regulators. 

And certainly not pipeline companies who are now helping government and activists target your home, your land and your business. 

Culture War 

Knowledge is power, the old saying goes. 

Like never before, pipeline landowners need the intel CAEPLA works so tirelessly to provide you. 

For instance, a couple of weeks ago we emailed you the link to the trailer for How to Blow Up a Pipeline, THE MOVIE

That’s right, anti pipeline terrorism has now entered the world of entertainment, making this a culture war too. 

CAEPLA is committed to keeping you up to date on these threats, even when our predictions seem a little out there, or sound like “conspiracy theories.” 

Unfortunately, our forecasts have been proven to be conspiracy facts

Only CAEPLA has reported on acts of sabotage against pipeline infrastructure even when the media mostly ignores these incidents and industry would prefer to keep them quiet for fear of inspiring copycats. 

Because the uncomfortable fact is that we have entered a new era of terrorism. 

An era of terrorism targeting energy infrastructure. 

And where are most pipelines found? 

That’s right: On thousands of farms and ranches across Canada. 

And the problem is not just local but global too see this story by the legendary and award-winning  former New York Times reporter Seymour Hersh

Hersh’s report is about how the US government the same White House that canceled Keystone XL committed an act of terrorism against Russia’s Nordstream Pipelines. 

This story has been actively avoided by the mainstream media but we feel it is something pipeline landowners urgently need to know about. 

Because if pipelines belonging to a nuclear superpower can be targeted for destruction by anti oil & gas activists whether from college campuses or in the White House then pipelines anywhere can be  targeted and as I explained above, already have been

Our wish for pipeline landowners is that to be forewarned is to be  forearmed. 

Announcing a New Campaign  

But it is not enough to simply talk about these threats. 

The time has come for action. 

The time has come to tackle the liabilities that industry, government,  their regulators, media, activists and global organizations have imposed on you. 

To that end CAEPLA will be announcing a critical new campaign designed to provide some protection and peace of mind for pipeline landowners in this era of unprecedented risk. 

Details will be available on a special members-only page.

It will be a campaign that only CAEPLA, as a federally registered lobbyist and Canada’s only national grassroots property rights organization can properly undertake. 


Annette Schinborn, CEO 

P.S…Your support for CAEPLA is not only appreciated, it is crucial. Now  more than ever. Whether by renewing your membership annually, or  with additional donations during the year, your generosity matters and  makes possible everything we do for our truly unique community of energy and pipeline landowners. 

P.P.S…Please stay tuned for details on our upcoming campaign. It will  be a campaign asking you to reach out to family, friends and neighbours to join. A campaign that will not only directly address the clear and  present liability on your property but that, when successful, will see your  precious farmland cleaned up, your even more precious family provided  with peace of mindand will put real money in your pocket.

Pipeline Observer


Landowner-driven, CAEPLA advocates on behalf of farmers, ranchers, and other rural landowners to promote safety and environmental protection through respect for your property rights.