"Honky," "rapist" TransMountain workers targeted by First Nations Anti Pipeline Activists

Posted on October 26, 2019


Workers on the TransMountain pipeline recently got a bitter taste of what life may soon be like for landowners along the line.

Racist abuse and threats to workers' children were part of the script for First Nations anti pipeline activists targeting pipeline workers.

First Nations activist opposed to energy, pipelines and property rights have lately gained new powers to come on to your land in their efforts to paralyze major pipeline projects, as CAEPLA has reported to you many times.

More than ever, the battle for your property rights, for sustainable energy development and transport, and for peace along pipeline has to be fought and won.

With a new minority Liberal government back in power, and likely propped up by even more anti pipeline parties, landowners along Canada's largest lines look to be caught in the crossfire and facing more chaos than ever before.

Read on and watch the video to see the kind of people who may be living in "tiny houses" near you very soon...