Letter to the Editor


The Town of Carman expropriation has been taking place since 2018. And when it happened, 7.83 acres of our family's property was expropriated. Many questions remain unanswered today.

Before the expropriation occurred, we were told all the land was needed for several phases of an "Aging in Place" Campus.

Phase 1 was completed in August of 2021. A new personal care home was constructed - 80 beds and the repurposing of the existing lodge. Approximately 3.1 acres were utilized for the PCH.

Phase 2 - the Boyne Towers were to be refurbished for supportive housing. Is it completed? We were told in 2019 that the time frame was 12 months.

Phase 3 - An assisted living facility was planned to be located west and south of the personal care home. We were told in 2019 that the time frame for development was two to three years. It has now been five years, and we have seen no evidence of an assisted living facility being planned or any indication of when construction might start on what was once our family's property.

Phase 4 - Life Lease apartments We have yet to see evidence of a 55+ life lease facility being planned nor any indication of when construction might start. This project appears to have been shelved.

We have yet to see evidence that the Town has funding in place for any of these things. Rather than proceeding as we were told, the Town instead utilized part of the expropriated land to construct a walking path along the Boyne River. We were never told that our land was being taken for a walking path at the time of expropriation, nor was the general public.

These questions have been lingering for seven-plus years. Why does the Town of Carman require the additional 4-plus acres? We still do not own the access off of the highway and only own half of our concrete driveway. We also do not own our outdoor living space south of our home. (Pergola).

The Town's expropriation in 2018 appears to have been nothing short of a land banking exercise and our family has been left in an untenable situation.

We have not been fully paid for our land. The Town of Carman made a partial payment in order to proceed with construction of the personal care home. Is there money set aside for the land acquisition?

Who will be on the hook for the remaining monies owing for the payout on the land? (7.83 acres) or the cost to conduct a multi-day hearing before the Land Value Appraisal Commission? The Town of Carman, Boyne Care Holdings or the taxpayers?

- Steve Hetherington, Carman Manitoba

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