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Trudeau's Canada: No Country for Pipelines or Property Rights

Posted on April 25, 2018

At their annual convention last weekend, the Liberal Party of Canada quashed a resolution that would have made them at least a nominally pro pipeline organization.

But in expressing support for Canada's energy sector, a glaring omission was made by even these presumably pro pipeline Liberals.

In ticking off the boxes on their laundry list of those deemed worthy to consult with when an energy or energy infrastructure project is proposed, farmers, ranchers, woodlot and acreage owners were ignored.

So not only is Liberal Canada no place for energy and pipeline projects, it is no place for landowners and property rights, either.

This is the offending passage from the resolution:

"Consult with all provinces, territories, First Nations, Metis, Inuit, the Federation of Canadian Municipalities, and all other relevant stakeholders in developing acceptable infrastructure and pipelines necessary for oil and gas independence."

As energy regulation has become more directly embedded with government in recent years, it should therefore come as a surprise to nobody that pipeline project approvals are a long shot.  And on those rare occasions when they are given the green light, landowners better be ready to fight for their rights.