Misguided Protesters Get Jail Time

Line 3 replacement sets new standards for safety and environment...

Posted on August 17, 2018

A judge has ordered jail time for a trespasser on an Enbridge Line 3 Replacement Program (L3RP) site last year that saw another chain himself to heavy equipment.

It is always unfortunate to see young people with misplaced ideals resort to reckless tactics to get their point across.

Even more unfortunate to see people professing to care about the environment attacking a project that has adopted unprecedented safety and environmental standards.

L3RP is not only necessary to replace an aging and potentially hazardous pipeline, but is itself in fact the safest replacement project we at CAEPLA are aware of.

And it should be:  as the leading grassroots property rights and pipeline landowner advocate in Canada, CAEPLA worked very hard and engaged with Enbridge to arrive at what are now industry standards for safety and the environment.

CAEPLA takes landowner safety and environmental stewardship very seriously because our members and their families live and work with pipe in their backyards 24/7/365.

Our hope is that anti pipeline activists -- even if they believe wholeheartedly that humans are causing global warming -- would at least enter into dialogue with pipeline landowners when it comes to questions of safety.