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Isn't the National Energy Board Supposed to Prevent Leaks?

Posted on June 20, 2017

Only Canada's hapless pipeline regulator could find itself in hot water for trying to plug a leak.

Trouble is it's not the type of leak you're thinking.

To be fair -- something we are seldom accused of when it come to the NEB -- any organization is going to want to know who leaked embarrassing information to a reporter, especially now, when the NEB's reputation could influence the Trudeau government's deliberations on the regulator's very future.

Perhaps unsurprisingly some media seem more concerned with the $24,000 the Board spent to find the leaker than they are with the millions wasted on a regulator that has done nothing to facilitate pipeline construction.

That said, we should be grateful to the leaker.  If the NEB is so paranoid and out of touch with the public it supposedly serves that it would hire private investigators to smoke out its own staff, what would it do -- or has it already done -- to dissenting landowners?

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