The response from everyone who participated in the poll was almost unanimous: “YES.”


CAEPLA has been telling you about the #WarOnFarmers for the last few years.

It is a global war targeting family farms.

Some think using the word 'war' is a bit strong.

We respectfully disagree.

It is a war being waged on several fronts at once.

Pipeline landowners know this.

Your property rights have been threatened since Day One.

Recently, the energy company easement on your land has been opened up to opportunities for interlopers.

The Canadian Energy Regulator (CER) now permits First Nations and Green activists to piggyback whenever their agents or company workers want to visit your farm.

But what's going on now is about more than just inconveniencing you or compromising your business.

As Russell Brand explains in this short video, this is about removing you — about eliminating small and medium sized family and independent farms.

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