From Paralysis to Rigor Mortis: Ottawa Kills Another Pipeline

National Energy Board demands may have ended Energy East

Posted on September 08, 2017

We have been warning about the threat posed by the National Energy Board and "green" government to landowners and industry alike for some time.

And now it looks like it has finally happened:  the NEB and extreme green government have not only paralyzed a project, they appear to have strangled one outright with red tape.

Yes, there are other business considerations that factor into this.  But the truth is Energy East ought to have been approved long ago.

Most pipeline landowners are in agribusiness.  Killing off a second major pipeline project (remember Northern Gateway?) restricts abundant cheap supply of energy for the farm sector, hurts the Canadian economy, and eliminates opportunity for landowners to partner with the energy transport industry.
TransCanada may abandon Energy East pipe facing tougher review