TransMountain pipeline landowners' property being stolen out from under them again?

TransMountain pipeline landowners' property being stolen out from under them again?

Ottawa has spent decades taking land from farmers, ranchers, woodlot owners and others, and giving it to pipeline companies.

This has represented a massive transfer of wealth from people who own land to people who own shares in energy transport companies.

The TransMountain pipeline benefited from this swindle.  To get it built landowners were either expropriated or threatened with legal land theft.

As we discussed previously, there is more talk about simply giving the TransMountain pipeline away, to First Nations governments. 

And even if those fortunate First Nations governments "invest" in the pipeline, it will be done with Canadian tax dollars.

But what about the existing 2200 TransMountain pipeline landowners?

Shouldn't they also share in this windfall?  

It is bad enough that they presently find themselves with a brand new federal Crown corporation on their property.  And a shady new Canadian Energy Regulator, (CER) to supervise.

But will landowners now be completely dispossessed of their land altogether, their easement agreements transformed into First Nations property?

Or will their back yards instead be ruled by First Nations governments or a corporation owned by them?

CAEPLA has always said "Landowners Want in."

TransMountain pipeline landowners should be the first beneficiary of any giveaway by the Trudeau government -- their easements should be turned into equity.

But there has not been a peep in Ottawa or the media about the thousands of landowners left in limbo to watch as the TransMountain mess plays out in front of their eyes.

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