Court Reverses Approval for TransMountain Expansion

Posted on August 30, 2018

Says NEB failed to properly consult First Nations
Landowners in limbo

This seems almost too convenient.

The TransMountain Expansion project (TMX) is unlikely to proceed until well after the next federal election expected in October 2019.

In the meantime, TransMountain pipeline landowners will be severely inconvenienced and left in limbo.

Not only are 2000 farmers, ranchers, woodlot, acreage, and urban property owners saddled with an aging, leaky pipeline...but they are now confronted with a new Crown corporation as a tenant on their land, AND a Byzantine new energy regulator in Ottawa.  They also run the risk of anti pipeline protesters and even saboteurs turning up on their property.

Fortunately, CAEPLA is monitoring the situation and engaging with landowners concerned with the hazards and uncertainty Ottawa has imposed on them.

Your property rights matter.  Don't let politics mess with your family farm, quality of life, or peace of mind.