Canada needs damage prevention legislation

Posted on January 27, 2018

Hundreds of thousands of kilometres of pipes and cables are buried across Canada. The essential services that this infrastructure provides, including clean water, heat, power, cell service and internet, are the lifeblood for our communities and of our way of life. Damaging a buried utility is dangerous for the workers involved and can deprive homes and businesses of essential services. Each year, damaged underground infrastructure costs Canadians more than $1 billion.

To ensure the safety of our workers, help protect the integrity of our buried utility network and preserve our essential services, Canada needs damage prevention legislation. Bill S-229, the Underground Infrastructure Safety Enhancement Act, will soon be placed before parliament. In order for Bill S-229 to pass the House of Commons, Canada’s ground disturbance and damage prevention communities need to show their support.

Let your MP know that protecting Canada’s underground infrastructure is important to you by visiting, where you can select a pre-written letter of support to be sent to your Member of Parliament directly from the website.

And show your support online by following @CanadianCGA on Twitter and posting with the hashtag #SupportS229.

Your voice matters. Your support will move Bill S-229 forward.