When April 02, 2019 at 10:30am 3 hrs 30 mins
Where Ilderton Community Centre 13168 Ilderton Rd, Ilderton, ON N0M 2A0, Canada

Dear Ontario Landowner,

The CAEPLA Workshop Series is your opportunity to become an expert on the pipes running through your property...

After this entertaining and interactive presentation you will know more about the infrastructure at the centre of the biggest issue facing Canada than 99% of the public...

Back by popular demand, the CAEPLA Workshop Series is here again to equip you with the information you need to stay safe and protect your businesses and properties – and in a forum that is user friendly for farmers, ranchers and landowners like you.

Next month’s installment of the Series is a service created for, by and about you, the pipeline landowner.

Many of you in Ontario have not had new pipe on your property for years. But that doesn’t mean you don’t need the latest information on things like integrity and protecting your precious soils. And the older the pipeline the more conscientious a landowner needs to be. Especially if one day an overdue replacement project appears on the horizon.

With these thoughts in mind, and always with the goal of providing you peace of mind, the first topic we will bring to you is “Remediation 101 – Exploring everything pipeline landowners need to know about protecting and restoring soil.”

When you attend, you’ll once again get answers to any question you may ever have had about the company and its pipelines, but maybe -just maybe – were afraid to ask!

And there are no “dumb questions” at these events. The whole purpose is to turn pipeline landowners like you into experts on the pipeline projects crossing your land.

Not only will the Enbridge team answer your questions on remediation, but – back by popular demand – is the company’s own Peter Hansen.

Peter gave the amazing presentation on the pipeline construction model last year and it went over really well so we are bringing him back to demonstrate what actually flows through Enbridge’s pipes.

Peter will be illustrating the differences between conventional and Oil Sands crude, using real samples of oil and bitumen. This is not just for the geeks among us, so be sure to bring your family, too...

Ever wonder what’s flowing below your feet? Words like “diluent,” “dilbit,” and “synbit” can make crude oil discussions challenging. But after this event, you’ll have the lingo down!

This interactive, hands-on approach presentation of crude oil production, processing, transportation and refining will improve your understanding of the different products moving in the Enbridge pipelines that you host on your property.

Attendees come away from these special events with a better understanding of pipelines than any politician, activist or member of the media has.

And we’re still not done...Wait till you see what’s on the menu!

Enbridge will again be springing for a 4-star quality dinner.

And it gets better – there will also be a draw for cash prizes. You could win one of five $100 gift cards!

So, check your calendar. Take a break from your regular routine. Come out for some fun, timely “news you can use,” including some great food and beverages.

The consensus from our last few workshops? You don’t want to miss out!

Date, time, location....

Ilderton, ON – Tuesday, April 2, 2019
10:30 a.m. to 2 p.m.
Ilderton Community Centre
13168 Ilderton Road

RSVP below by March 26th or to: [email protected] or phone 306.522.5000 to reserve your spot.

Register early to save your space.

We look forward to seeing you there.



Annette Schinborn


P.S... Where else can you get well fed, get entertained, get elite level info, and get to spend time with your fellow pipeline landowners as well as the CAEPLA and Enbridge teams?

P.P.S... Dave Core, Director of Special Projects for CAEPLA will also be present at this free workshop. Like you, he is a former Ontario pipeline landowner and has been at the forefront of standing for property rights for decades. Reserve your spot now!

Will you come?