WATCH -- Proposed "Land Sharing" Program

As Canada's leading grassroots property rights advocate serving farmers, ranchers and other landowners, CAEPLA has fielded questions about encroachments by government, industry and activists upon private property owners for decades.

And we are getting questions from Canadian residents now, regarding a proposed "Land Sharing" program.

The biggest mistake landowners can make is not asking as many questions as possible where their property rights are concerned.

Too often programs promoted by government bureaucracies, agencies, politicians and activists can go from temporary to permanent, and from voluntary to mandatory.

To protect your family legacy, property, business, prosperity and security, not to mention your peace of mind, it is imperative that you get the facts and assert your rights up front.

Contact us for a list of questions landowners SHOULD be asking.

[email protected]306.522.5000

Remain vigilant,

Annette Schinborn, CEO

WATCH -- Proposed "Land Sharing" Program

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Landowner-driven, CAEPLA advocates on behalf of farmers, ranchers, and other rural landowners to promote safety and environmental protection through respect for your property rights.