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You could swap the name Cuomo for Trudeau in this bang on New York Post editorial.

The North American War on Pipelines

Posted on April 24, 2017

The piece pretty much sums up CAEPLA's philosophy.

As Canada's leading grassroots property rights organization, CAEPLA believes political interference with pipeline projects is a violation of property rights -- both of companies and landowners.

When industry and landowners are prevented by political activism and bureaucracy from partnering on energy transport projects, everybody suffers.

Company shareholders lose out, landowners are denied the opportunity to diversify their holdings, and the public loses both jobs and abundant energy supply which keeps prices low.

CAEPLA is strictly non-partisan.  We were disappointed that the Harper government failed to get any pipeline projects approved.  But we are also frustrated that the Trudeau government effectively killed Northern Gateway and may wind up doing the same with Energy East.

Canada needs both those projects, and Canadians need them built the CAEPLA way.

What we don't need is the "green extremist" virtue signalling in the politics we are seeing in places like New York state -- and Canada.

Read New York Post editorial here