FINANCIAL POST - New regulations likely to heighten cost and red tape, even as they make it easier to scupper critical projects, warns former finance minister

Interesting column from former Conservative Natural Resources minister Joe Oliver

Oliver sounds the alarm over what is sure to be a an even more onerous approval process for energy transport projects in Canada.

He suggests activists not even close to directly affected by projects will continue to have ample opportunity to sandbag them.

What we should remember is that while in power Mr. Oliver did nothing to protect property rights in this country, and largely ignored the concerns of the legitimately Directly Affected, namely farmers, ranchers, woodlot, acreage and other landowners along Canada's energy corridors.

The issues highlighted by Mr. Oliver should nonetheless concern aspiring pipeline landowners as it appears the undeclared but very real moratorium on new energy transport projects in this country will be in full force and effect for years to come.

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